Pulse of the Night Time Lapse Movie

[New February 2024]

The leadup to solar maximum these last 3 years has produced some incredible aurora displays. I’ve been out more than 50 nights capturing time lapse footage. My new film contains about 20,000 images, approximately 28 hours of footage condensed into a 14 minute movie. Hopefully this shows a taste of what it’s like to stand under this awesome spectacle.

No two nights are ever the same. When solar activity is high, the aurora borealis fills the sky with a rainbow of colors. Glimmering, flickering, pulses of light dance between meteors and satellites among a backdrop of thousands of stars. Over prairies and oceans, lakes and mountains, the night sky comes alive. This time lapse film is a 3-year effort to capture the northern lights over Wyoming, Montana, Greenland, and beyond.

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Most clips are available for licensing in 4K: Pond5

Most scenes are available as prints as well: Northern Lights Gallery

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